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Visitor weblog – Walshaw Turbine 54 by Nick MacKinnon – Mark Avery

Picture: Lydia MacKinnon

Nick MacKinnon is a contract trainer of Maths, English and Medieval Historical past, and lives above Haworth, within the final inhabited home earlier than Prime Withens = Wuthering Heights. In 1992 he based the profitable Marketing campaign to Save Radio 4 Lengthy Wave whereas in plaster following a rock-climbing accident on Skye. His poem ‘The metric system’ gained the 2013 Ahead Prize. His topical verse and satire seems within the Spectator, and his puzzles and issues within the Sunday Instances and American Mathematical Month-to-month. E-mail: [email protected] 


Turbine 54: Bedlam Knoll  SE 00387 32119 ///crabmeat.accusing.tuck

Map of stroll to T54 Bedlam Knoll. Picture: Nick MacKinnon

There’s a mosaic of arguments in opposition to Calderdale Wind Farm (CWF). For me the intuitive arguments are to do with habitat, birds, and panorama, and as I do these walks on my own and with previous and new mates, I discover these intuitions are shared, and are based mostly within the fantastic actuality of this secret wedge of the South Pennines. In these blogs I’m step by step unpacking the absurdly massive scoping report, written by Muttley, Dastardly Dick Bannister’s marketing consultant at Pure Energy, within the mild of what’s up there. What I found after my stroll to T54 Bedlam Knoll reveals a matter that may drain Mr Bannister’s residual confidence in his personal consultants and can dismay his shadowy backers. (“Why did you not inform us concerning the aggregates, Richard?”)

5 April 2024 You want quite a lot of crushed rock to construct CWF – the entry roads and turbine foundations are made from it. Most of those aggregates must be quarried from on-site ‘borrow pits’, as a result of importing huge portions from distance is ruinous for the electrical energy bill-payers who should service the mortgage, is grim for noise and air high quality within the densely settled valleys and emits much more CO2 for everyone on Earth. We are able to get an thought of how a lot combination Calderdale Wind Farm wants by evaluating it with Kirkan Wind Farm in sparsely settled Ross & Cromarty and permitting CWF some economies of scale.

Mixture necessities for Kirkan WF scaled as much as Calderdale WF. Picture: Nick MacKinnon

The constructing technique is effectively described within the Kirkan Borrow Pit proposal.

It’s anticipated that the preliminary part of monitor can be constructed with imported stone till the primary of the interior borrow pit places is reached. The turbine foundations, hardstanding areas and all entry tracks after the primary borrow pit are anticipated to be constructed utilizing rock sources from website.

Muttley should open his first borrow pit as shut as potential to the doorway on Cock Hill Swamp, to minimise the varied prices of imported aggregates. The scale of CWF then requires a minimum of another borrow pit in CWF-West, the place, not like the east finish, there are many named rock outcrops to crush. At present, I need to perceive the awkward relationship of T54 Bedlam Knoll and T33 Grain Slack and discover that first borrow pit. After I drew my first maps of the highway system in CWF, I didn’t enable for the way in which Roms Clough cuts off T33 from the remainder of the location. Muttley’s map exhibits the issue. Both he bridges the clough for the sake of 1 turbine, or he negotiates the direct route from T54 to T33 down the steep face of Bedlam Knoll, partially a 40% black run. The turbine producers just like the crushed rock roads to be at most 6%, and although 12% is allowed with a much bigger insurance coverage premium, you don’t snowboard a turbine blade down a black run. That is “The Thriller of T33.”

The Thriller of T33: Roms Clough and the 40% slope west of T54 isolate T33 from the remainder of CWF. Map: Nick MacKinnon on base map provided for session by Pure Energy.
The Oxenhope-Calderdale boundary rock on the A6033 positioned by the creator’s mother-in-law. Cock Hill Swamp is past. Picture: Nick MacKinnon

I park on the Cock Hill mast constructing on the Oxenhope to Hebden Bridge highway. A rock (native gritstone shaped 330 million years in the past) marking the boundary was put right here by the Oxenhope W.I. in the course of the presidency of my mother-in-law. The location of T60 is as shut as Muttley dares to this rock, which, just like the monolith in 2001, has a message for him, and it isn’t OXENHOPE. Regardless of writing a 141-page scoping report, Muttley hasn’t mentioned the place the only website entrance to CWF shall be, however Deep Stoat, my posh mole within the Bannister camp, despatched me a postcard in February: “Cable exits Widdop however sole website entrance reverse elephant. Pesto et pasta!”  I don’t know why she (or is it he?) all the time indicators off like this however there is just one elephant in Calderdale.

“Sole entrance reverse the elephant.” Postcard: Deep Stoat

The monitor in the direction of Roms Greave has been levelled right down to the glacial boulder clay. It goes within the improper path to be helpful to CWF, however the first bulldozer can come on this method and begin scraping peat off Cock Hill Swamp, the place a compound shall be constructed of imported combination, 75 cm deep, pending the opening of the primary borrow pit. I head down the monitor, as a result of I’m by no means going to discover a quarry website on this swamp.

Observe down Roms Greave with clough creating to left. Picture: Nick MacKinnon

Within the photograph taken on the fringe of the monitor, you may see the energetic moss, sedge and grass, a layer of black shiny peat (Muttley’s costly peat map places it as 0.5-1 metre deep, which seems about proper) after which the start of gray pebbly boulder clay, right here unfold maybe a two metres deep like butter over flat gritstone by the final glacier. Muttley needs to crush the gritstone to combination, however first he wants a steep face, away from peat and boulder clay, to get at it. Simply east of the A6033 there are named stones (Winny, Burnt) and dozens of unnamed outcrops. On CWF there is no such thing as a mapped outcrops (on the 1:25000) till you drop into Walshaw Dean the place Dean, Grinnel, Deer and Hewer Stomes are named. West of Walshaw Dean there are many named rock climbs for Muttley to blast aside. Till Deep Stoat’s postcard from deep in Bannister Nation, I had the doorway to CWF on the western finish the place the substation and battery shall be, as a result of there may be loads of rock, even when the turbine blade entry is inconceivable, both up the western Widdop highway or by Hebden Bridge.

Shiny peat layer above pebbly boulder clay by Roms Greave monitor. Picture: Nick MacKinnon

As I drop down the monitor, the clough on my left, which is nothing up on the highway, develops steep sides. A muddy path cuts again into the charming clough, and I cross on a few of Muttley’s gritstone, nevertheless it’s no use to him down right here.

Footpath crossing of Roms Clough displaying Muttley’s gritstone bedrock. Picture: Nick MacKinnon

I climb again out of the clough and contour under Bedlam Knoll till I can see Bedlam Farm, neat, inexperienced, and walled off from the scruffy finish of CWF. The sound of the A6033 is drowned by the racket of skylarks and meadow pipits. Walshaw Moor is a wonderland for ground-nesting birds, however this forgotten nook could also be the perfect bit. A lapwing launches with its central-locking cry: “Pooweet! Wap-Wap. Pooweet!” Above me is the 40% face of Bedlam Knoll, and to my astonishment and glee, it’s studded with rock outcrops that aren’t on any of the maps. It is much better than I anticipated. John Keats would have been thrilled to look into it too.

“Then felt I like some watcher of the skies

When a brand new planet swims into his ken;

Or like stout Muttley when with eagle eyes

He stared at Yorkshire grit – and all his males

Checked out one another with a wild surmise –

Silent, under a knoll in Calderdale.”

The 40% slope up the face of Bedlam Knoll with unmapped rocky outcrops.  Picture: Nick MacKinnon

Right here is the location of the primary borrow pit, which in Muttley’s plan should be reached by highway and blasted open earlier than the remainder of CWF can unfold out of it. The turf is just inches deep right here, and that is the perfect quarry website I’ve seen, together with the a lot rockier finish above Widdop. I’m sorry concerning the inappropriate glee. I’m attempting to unravel this wind farm by understanding it on the bottom, and the place the aggregates are coming from on Cock Hill Swamp has been a thriller since Deep Stoat informed me concerning the elephant. At present the mysteries of the borrow pit and T33 have solved one another. A robust S-bend highway shall be constructed right down to the place the sting flattens into Grain Slack and the doorway to the borrow pit. A spur will later proceed to T33 whose entry comes free with the borrow pit.

S-bend to Bedlam borrow pit, backbone highway to Cock Hill Swamp compound, and spur to T33. Map: Nick MacKinnon

I stroll straight up the face, calves groaning, over the forehead, and throughout tussocky grass to the location of T54 Bedlam Knoll, which is nearly on the A6033. The location of T33 is now invisible under the forehead, and the turbine will want the total 200-metre tip peak to flee the shelter of the quarry face. I’m nonetheless questioning if over-sheltered generators have helicopter mother and father as I climb brutal barbed wire and plod again alongside the highway in the direction of Cock Hill. The vehicles zing by, and I repeatedly step off the highway onto the sharp white combination that fills the drain.

Web site of T54 Bedlam Knoll. The face of the Bedlam borrow pit is over the forehead. Picture: Nick MacKinnon

As drawn on my map, Bedlam borrow pit covers 3 hectares, has a mean depth of 10 metres and would provide as much as 300,000 m3 of crushed rock, which is maybe sufficient to construct half of CWF. The S-bend should be the strongest highway on the location as a result of internal-use dumper vehicles with a gross weight of over 50 tonnes will repeatedly grind up and down the curves, placing shear stress on the highway as they brake or nook. These Bedlam bends will see ten thousand occasions extra heavy visitors than a spur just like the one to T33. We are able to consider the Bedlam bends as a part of the backbone of CWF. One other backbone highway goes north out of the Cock Hill Swamp compound in the direction of the remainder of the location and should carry 63 turbine pylons and 189 blades (solely T54 and T33 get to show left) and distribute all of the stone that comes out of Bedlam borrow pit. Examine the easy structure at Ovenden Moor, with a single U of backbone highway, 2.5 km lengthy, that had already been constructed for the 1993-2015 model (twenty-three 0.4 MW generators) utilizing plastic grid to drift the limestone highway over the peat, with 800 m of quick spurs, constructed with extra imported limestone, to simply 9 2 MW generators, certainly one of which has been damaged for months.

Mr Bannister’s selection of Cock Hill Swamp for the only website entrance couldn’t have been bettered. There’s a flat expanse for the compound, but a steep rocky face to quarry solely 1500 metres away. OBL Aggregates are 16 km away, and may maybe provide the 6750 m3 of aggregates that Muttley must construct the highway right down to Bedlam borrow pit, after which the remainder of the interior highway system, the crane hard-standings and even the concrete for the turbine foundations, can maybe use aggregates blasted, quarried, and crushed on-site, as at Kirkan. The turbine blade supply has been proved to Ovenden Moor Wind Farm and from there a again door route results in Cock Hill, avoiding Oxenhope and Hebden Bridge, with potential for a short lived shortcut that’s as straightforward to construct as any of the interior roads of CWF. There appears to be no bodily barrier to CWF.

It’s all the time darkest simply earlier than daybreak.

In a rustic the place a lot appears to be privatised and failing, it’s outstanding that you would be able to have a look at the geology below any level you want, for nothing, on the British Geological Survey.

Geology of Bedlam borrow pit. Map: Nick MacKinnon on BGS base

The brown stripe by the Bedlam borrow pit is East Carlton Grit, shaped 321.5-320 million years in the past. The inexperienced stripes are Millstone Grit (329-319 million years in the past) and the yellow is Higher Kinderscout Grit (322-321.5 million years in the past). All these rocks are Carboniferous sandstones, laid down in an unlimited river delta when West Yorkshire was on the equator. The fascinating uniformity of stone within the Bedlam quarry suggests once more that Muttley has been right here earlier than me. He simply wanted to take another step and …

We come eventually to the large shock and I might by no means have found it with out doing these walks and feeling the truth of CWF. The tough integrity and spectacular horizontal overhangs of South Pennine edges impressed and educated the working-class rock climbers who, within the Seventies, transferred their talent on gritstone to Annapurna South Face and ‘Everest the arduous method’. However, West Yorkshire imports most of its building aggregates as a result of crushed West Yorkshire sandstone is usually too weak and porous for use for concrete or roadstone. My first inkling of this vital truth got here from the explanatory notes on the map, which Muttley ought to have learn too.

From BGS sheet 77 Huddersfield

Sandstone is the principal mineral at present extracted within the district, and demand for this useful resource is prone to proceed sooner or later. The sandstones are very proof against assault by acid rainwater, and are enticing constructing stones appropriate for walling, paving, and cladding. Coarse-grained sandstones (‘grits’) previously labored for grindstones, pulpstones and millstones, at the moment are labored for building fill and for sand. Usually, the sandstones are too weak, porous, and inclined to frost injury for them for use for good high quality roadstone or concrete combination. They might be utilized in highway building under the extent of potential frost injury and for among the much less demanding concrete functions.”

This weak spot has been identified for a minimum of fifty years and applies to any combination gained on CWF or quarried anyplace in Bradford or Calderdale. My mother-in-law’s boundary stone will final for one million years, however in case you crushed it into combination to make a automobile port it will vanish in every week.

From Aggregates in Britain (1974)

Carboniferous sandstones might be divided into two teams, relying on their energy. In north Devon and south Wales they’re robust sufficient to make good-quality aggregates, whereas these within the Millstone Grit and Decrease Coal Measures in Lancashire and Yorkshire are usually too weak and porous for use in concrete or as roadstones, aside from for deep sub-base under the extent of frost susceptibility. In northern England it is usually an inexpensive native substitute for limestone and gravel aggregates, which might in any other case be imported over distances of some 60-100 km for such makes use of as filling for French drains, filter media and chosen fill.

About thirty vehicles every week use the casual automobile park under the stroll from Stanbury to Prime Withens, maintained by Bradford Met, sufficient to crater the floor. Even Dave, the quickest postman within the west, should decelerate. Twice-yearly, a workforce from Bradford Met brings a tipper of brown combination and spends a day carefully compacting it. For every week we take pleasure in a easy experience after which it vanishes. Our neighbour says there are ‘voids resulting in the centre of the earth’. The final time, the good foreman mentioned, “I’ve acquired maintain of some limestone!” It stands agency, like a gray volcanic plug, whereas the remainder of the carpark erodes round it. I hadn’t made the hyperlink with the topic of this weblog till my spouse Lydia was proof-reading and identified the plain. The fugitive brown stuff was sandstone combination that had turned again into sand after 320 million years of minding its personal enterprise. An area builder wouldn’t use Muttley’s on-site aggregates to fill a curd tart.

Like wider West Yorkshire, the geology of CWF was shaped of sand laid down in in a river delta 320 million years in the past. All of the on-site stone is robust in a block and weak when crushed to combination however might be floor additional to make helpful sand. The island of orange East Carlton Grit SE of Haworth is Penistone Hill, prime Brontë nation and now an city widespread beloved by canine walkers. It was quarried by my spouse’s great-grandfather Kershaw Barrett and provided the stone that constructed Morecambe through the railway at Oxenhope to Skipton. SELRAP seeks to re-instate the road from Skipton to Colne that the stone adopted. Map: Nick MacKinnon on BGS base.

The weak spot and porosity of West Yorkshire sandstone aggregates shouldn’t be a secret. The 5 councils, Bradford, Leeds, Calderdale, Wakefield, and Kirklees, publish an annual report on their combination downside, which is more and more severe because the local weather disaster makes everybody rightly reluctant to maneuver stone by lorry.

From West Yorkshire Native Mixture Evaluation (2021)

Government abstract: The vast majority of the development combination produced in England and Wales was used for both concrete manufacture (31% in 2019) or highway building (25% in 2019). For geological causes described in additional element elsewhere on this report, the mineral assets that are labored inside West Yorkshire are typically regarded as incapable of manufacturing vital portions of the upper specification aggregates required to be used in both highway building or concrete manufacture. Consequently, West Yorkshire will stay reliant upon the crushed rock aggregates produced in neighbouring authorities to fulfill most of its building combination wants. The 2 principal sources for the crushed rock aggregates consumed inside West Yorkshire are the Yorkshire Dales Nationwide Park and Derbyshire. Quarries from these two areas collectively offered for over two thirds of the crushed rock aggregates consumed inside West Yorkshire in 2019.

1.2.6. Given its mineral useful resource limitations and closely urbanised nature West Yorkshire shouldn’t be in a position to independently meet the excessive combination consumption necessities of the fashionable building business, notably when it comes to concreting combination and roadstone.

2.2.2. The sandstones are too weak and porous for the manufacture of concrete or for highway constructing and are generally utilized in low specification conditions and for bulk fill. Nevertheless the place funding is made in applicable processing plant, these supplies can be utilized to provide constructing sand, in addition to a washed sand appropriate to be used in concrete merchandise. These supplies are utilized in massive portions within the manufacture of concrete walling and paving blocks at factories in Calderdale.

2.2.3. No sandstone quarry exists solely to provide combination inside West Yorkshire; it’s produced alongside the extraction of stone for the manufacture of pure stone for walling, cladding, and paving. At many websites the mixture is actually an occasional by-product and is produced in comparatively small portions for low grade makes use of.”

3.4.6 Moreover, as mentioned extra extensively elsewhere on this report, it should be acknowledged that the West Yorkshire combination reserve is predominated by materials which is unlikely to be able to assembly the specs required for the 2 principal building combination makes use of of concrete manufacture and highway building.

From West Yorkshire Native Mixture Evaluation (2022)

Key messages. The mixture useful resource in West Yorkshire is proscribed. The geology of West Yorkshire implies that indigenous provides of high-quality land-won combination, to be used in concrete and highway constructing, are troublesome, if not inconceivable to acquire.

1.2.3. Sandstone is quarried primarily for constructing stone; nonetheless, at many websites the wastage from the extraction of blocks and from sawing is crushed for combination. The sandstones are too weak and porous for the manufacture of concrete or for highway constructing and are generally utilized in low specification conditions and for bulk fill.

2.4.3 At some quarry websites, particularly in Calderdale and Bradford, the quantity of combination product is insignificant. Nevertheless comparatively vital portions of crushed sandstone aggregates are included into synthetic stone paving and walling merchandise.

3.1.17. The truth that combination flows into West Yorkshire seem like shifting to extra distant provide areas is of some concern when it comes to the elevated environmental results and local weather change impacts related to hauling minerals over longer distances. This locations much more significance upon the necessity to facilitate combination haulage modal shift by investing in rail and waterway infrastructure upgrades and safeguarding rail depots and wharfs able to offloading minerals in West Yorkshire. This has been promoted with some success within the Yorkshire Dales Nationwide Park.

The West Yorkshire councils are so anxious concerning the uselessness of the native aggregates that that they’re investing within the canal community, however Muttley has didn’t say a single phrase about any of this in 141 pages.

What does Muttley should say about his aggregates?

12.1. Common building visitors will include Heavy Items Automobiles (HGVs), Mild Items Automobiles (LGVs) and vehicles. There are prone to be a number of route choices from but to be recognized materials provide centres (e.g., quarries). There are a number of quarries situated to the east of the location which implies relying on the location entry and route the visitors will journey on the A629 earlier than travelling on both the A6068, A646 and A671 and subsequently minor roads to the chosen Web site Entrance.

Readers will (appropriately) deduce that Deep Stoat will get his data from a complicated place in Bannister Nation  and never from Muttley in Glasgow, as a result of these confused highway decisions suggest a website entrance off the Widdop highway on the west finish of CWF, despite the fact that his quarries are to the east of the location. An instance can be OBL Aggregates in Halifax, 11 miles from Cock Hill Swamp however a minimum of 28 miles from a Widdop highway website entrance through the A646 as steered.

These close by quarries to the east are on the carboniferous sandstone and provide high-quality constructing stone, not weak and porous aggregates for roads and concrete which no one needs. There are quarries to the east that may provide high quality highway constructing aggregates, however they don’t seem to be those Muttley is speaking about.  They’re much additional away, within the magnesian limestone belt that runs alongside the A1 by Knottingley 39 miles from Cock Hill Swamp and 57 miles in case you insist on going by Hebden Bridge to some western website entrance.

Right here’s Muttley once more, saving the planet one borrow pit at a time.

3.6. The Proposed Improvement would require crushed stone to assemble new tracks and, the place needed, enhance the present tracks on website. The crushed stone may also be required to create the hardstanding areas for cranes and lay the foundations for generators. Appropriate volumes of stone and combination shall be sourced from onsite borrow pits. The utilisation of onsite borrow pits will help with mitigating the potential environmental and transport community results related to transporting stone to the location. If surveys conclude that appropriate sources of stone can be found on website, the search areas for the borrow pits shall be recognized throughout the ES.

That’s virtually it for crushed rock in Muttley’s monumental scoping report, besides that web page 77 lovingly particulars a flake of flint discovered on Withins Peak. The scoping report has 22 pages on Grade II listed buildings and never a single phrase concerning the combination downside in West Yorkshire. The CPRE noticed the way in which Muttley inflates his scoping report with over 100 pages of weak and porous  fill. This inflation is an try and make it look as if Pure Energy are consultants within the native space, however they don’t even know that their aggregates are too weak to make roads, let alongside turbine basis concrete.

The confusion concerning the quarry places relative to the location entrance, and the utter ignorance concerning the weak spot of Yorkshire’s sandstone aggregates exhibits that the geology within the report isn’t a conspiracy in opposition to the general public to cover the limestone deliveries however is straightforward incompetence. Pure Energy could have made Mr Bannister appear like a doddery pensioner robbed of his life financial savings on Melinda Messenger’s Cowboy Builders. (“It’s a nightmare, Melinda. We’ve been left with half a megaton of weak and porous aggregates!”)

The scoping report ought to say that since Yorkshire sandstone produces combination that’s too weak for roadstone or concrete, CWF should be constructed of as much as 600,000 m3 of imported limestone combination, virtually actually from quarries north of Skipton, although there may be additionally useable combination within the magnesian limestone band by Knottingley. Offered the location entrance is at Cock Hill Swamp as Mr Bannister and Deep Stoat say, somewhat than on the Widdop highway as Muttley appears to assume, the route from Knottingley is least disruptive, despite the fact that it’s furthest. The annual outputs are Knottingley  270,000 m3, Swinden 1,500,000 m3, Horton 300,000 m3. The mixture assessments observe that not all magnesian limestone is robust sufficient for highway constructing or concrete both.

2.4.3. Magnesian Limestone aggregates are typically discovered to be unsuitable to provide coated roadstone (asphalt) on account of its inadequate resistance to sprucing, with excessive specification highway surfacing combination at present primarily provided into West Yorkshire from quarries located throughout the Yorkshire Dales Nationwide Park. Nevertheless roughly 40% of Magnesian Limestone quarries are thought to able to producing aggregates of adequate energy for use as a highway sub-base or as a concrete combination.

Only a phrase on geogrids, the 6-metre-wide plastic sheeting pieced with polygonal holes, used to construct floating roads over peat.  Some marginal aggregates may be stabilised by a geogrid sandwich, even when the highway isn’t floating. The West Yorkshire sandstone aggregates are weak, not marginal, and a geogrid gained’t work when the stone within the sandwich disintegrates to sand below even modest masses when it will get moist or frozen and is then washed out or blown away.

Muttley’s on-site aggregates gained’t work and he’ll be casting round for limestone if he will get planning. CWF will want quite a lot of  limestone in a brief interval, and the electrical energy invoice payers are sure to be gouged on worth, ought to the planners sanction the outrageous disturbance within the packed valleys of trucking limestone by slender residential streets for years. The limestone quarries don’t want CWF as a buyer; their useful resource is uncommon, and by prepare they’ll attain markets far-off. The railway doesn’t assist CWF as a result of the closest limestone depot is in Leeds, although it will be attention-grabbing to reopen the stone-handling capabilities of the heritage Value Valley railway to Oxenhope (“Perks should be about it.” “Get off the road Bobby!” “Daddy! My daddy!”)

The density of limestone combination is 1.5 tonnes per cubic metre so 600,000 m3 shall be introduced in 45000 tipper vehicles, every carrying 20 tonnes, and all of them should then return empty. Assuming a Yorkshire Dales quarry, having skirted Skipton, they’ll move the superb Keighley Wetherspoons earlier than they squeeze into the improper lane as a result of there are all the time three vehicles “unloading” outdoors European Meals, or negotiate the lengthy tailbacks from the Toby Carvery to Keighley Faculty and the railway station.

From right here they grind up the Halifax Street, flip proper on the mini-roundabout and swoop previous Lees main college the place the zebra crossing is supervised by a lollipop girl, earlier than turning left onto the Hebden Street corniche. If the residents don’t like these continuous convoys, they are often blocked right here by parking on either side in a chicane. Straight throughout the mini-roundabout in Oxenhope, and drivers could cease at The Bay Horse for a well-earned 0.0, for with solely the zig-zags to climb earlier than they’re lastly freed from terraced homes, visitors, parked vehicles and steep gradients they’ll rise up to 40 mph for the primary time for the reason that Exhausting Ings roundabout outdoors Keighley. 5 minutes later they’re on the Elephant, the place they’ll dump twenty tonnes of limestone (sufficient for 3 metres of monitor) within the compound, flip downhill empty and do all of it once more in reverse.

Swinden quarry is closest and largest, nevertheless it has a rail connection and so rightly has restrictions on export by lorry. I favour Heidelberg at Horton, effectively seen from Ingleborough summit, and maybe you’ll favour it too, as a result of the path to CWF passes Coniston Chilly, the place the Bannister household personal a luxurious lodge and spa. We’re all on this collectively.

Routes from most important limestone combination quarries to CWF. Coronary heart-warming solidarity with the individuals of Yorkshire will make sure the Bannister household insist on the Coniston Chilly route. Because the late Queen’s mom put it when Buckingham Palace was bombed within the Blitz: “Now we are able to look the East Finish within the face.” Map base: Google

Though the planning software is being dealt with by Calderdale, and so they have been promised £75 million of electrical energy bill-payers’ cash, if Muttley’s limestone comes from the north, the individuals most affected by the constructing of CWF will dwell in Bradford Met. Since CWF additionally ruins Haworth’s Brontë business, I reckon one other £75 million of our personal cash is owed to Keighley, Haworth and Oxenhope, and we mustn’t overlook how Coniston Chilly could undergo. (“They informed me we’d be utilizing our personal rock, Melinda, however now it’s all trundling previous the household sauna!”)

I feel Muttley has no likelihood of getting CWF previous the shadowy financiers, not to mention the planners, if he can’t use the on-site rock for a lot of the 600,000 m3 requirement, but Donegal tarmac scammers (“We’ve acquired a bit left over from constructing the M65”) would hesitate to make use of Muttley’s aggregates to put a driveway in Colne. (“I have to get a 200 ton crane up it Melinda, however all 5 councils say my on-site aggregates wouldn’t stuff a samosa!”)

Mannequin of CWF infrastructure earlier than the invention that on-site borrow pits and native exterior quarries can not provide competent highway stone or concrete combination. CWF now turns into very troublesome to construct and the proposal, if there is usually a credible proposal one after this aggregates debacle, should look very completely different. Map: Nick MacKinnon on base provided by Pure Energy for session.

Muttley has an internet site on which he boasts: “Pure Energy additionally offers professional recommendation and due diligence consultancy.” In his ludicrous scoping report this “diligent professional” particulars a flake of flint on Withins Peak however fails to say the well-known uselessness of 900,000 tonnes of his on-site rock. I counsel Mr Bannister to sue Pure Energy for the price of the scoping report, for exposing him to public ridicule, and for trauma to his relationships with wealthy and highly effective Saudi moneymen. (“What different surprises has Pure Energy in retailer for us, Richard?”). I might like to be referred to as as an professional witness, however the prosecution could favor some glamour on the stand.

Ms Messenger, are you able to verify that this info on aggregates was broadly accessible on the time of the scoping report?” “Properly, it wasn’t unfold throughout web page 3 of the Solar, however Mr Muttley is as able to studying the annual West Yorkshire combination assessments as I’m.

Sassin’ frassin’ Miss Messenger …  .”

[email protected]

Kershaw Barrett’s quarry at Penistone Hill, Haworth. Painted by Oxenhope artist Joseph (Joe) Pighills (1901-84). Picture: Lydia MacKinnon.
Wilson Barrett (1891-1918), son of Kershaw, in Penistone. Ernest Barrett wrote on the again, “Discover V cross seams which might be very harmful to go away. Nowadays this prime finish of Quarry is poor. Nothing besides a backside mattress. My eldest brother, killed within the first world conflict.” Picture: Lydia MacKinnon


That is the eighth in a sequence of 65 visitor blogs on every of the wind generators which Richard Bannister plans to have erected on Walshaw Moor. Generators 11, 34, 35, 43, 47 and 64  have already been described. To see all of the blogs – click on right here.






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